3/4 Uv Black Spiral Bundling Wrap-Around Sleeving - (10 Ft. Spool)

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  • Polyethylene

  • Spiral Bundling Wrap-Around Sleeving

  • 0.75 - 5 bundle diameter

  • -76 F -190 F temperature

  • Color : UV Black

3/4 UV black spiral bundling wrap-around sleeving. Wraps 0.75-5. Made of polyethylene. Package quantities listed are for pricing purposes. You'll receive a continuous reel based on the quantity you order. Bundle wire and tubes in this flexible, abrasion-resistant spiral wrap. Features the ability to access the bundle at any point along the way. Create bundles by wrapping this material on like you would with tape - easy to install and reusable. Use UV black style for outdoor applications to resist fatigue from the sun.