Homespot Cable Management Reusable Fastening Cable Ties Cable Strap Microfiber - 4 (10Cm)

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  • Ideal for keeping all kinds of cords such as speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables & computer cables.

  • Includes eyelet so tie can be attached to a cable well organized and tidy in place.

  • Nylon material with hook & loop attachments, these cable wraps are both reusable and durable.

  • It can wrap open and close easily so it is so flexible to put more or less together for the short or long size.

  • Size: 4 inch (Length) x 0.5 inch (Width) x 50 pcs - Black Color

  • Color : 50 pack

Organize Messy Cables with HomeSpot Reusable Cable Straps.

Keep your office looking organized and neat with HomeSpot reusable cable ties. There will be no more tangled cords or messy cord clutter everywhere, because these cord fastening wraps straps easily wrap around the wires and hold everything together. These one-piece, self-gripping cable ties are reusable and very durable and flexible enough to hold all of your cords and wires securely.

It is much better than plastic Nylon cable ties and you do not need to trim it. It can reusable easily. You can change or reroute any wiring you have.

If you want to remove them later, it's simple to do because these ties are made of velcro-like microfiber fabric. Use these in your home or office to keep computer and printer cables from getting tangled, or use them in your family room for the TV and other electronics.

Include an eye hole in the tail allowing the tie to be attached to a cable or hung from a hook, or Multiple straps can be combined together to extend their lengths.

Each Fastening Tie is 4 in length and 0.47 inches in width.

Set of 50, black