Smart Ac Automatic Air Conditioner Cooler System Evaporative Cooling Kit

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  • Saves Energy - reduces the run-time of Air Conditioner compressor

  • Easy to Install - Plumbs to existing water source (garden hose or faucet or 1 PVC) and wires up to the existing AC control wire. No programming required!

  • Automatic Operation - uses power from the AC's existing 24 VAC thermostat control to operate (wiring instructions included)

  • Small Droplet Size - average 100 micron droplets allows for evaporation without over wetting surrounding areas

  • Low Water Usage - uses two 1.8 gallon per hour foggers (2 per system), and these operate only while the AC compressor operates

How the Automatic Fog/Mist SMART AC Cooling System Works: The efficiency of an Air Conditioner can be improved by spraying water into the air flowing over the AC condensing coils. The evaporating water lowers the air temperature, improving heat transfer from the AC unit to the air. This decreases the time the AC compressor runs, thus reducing the energy (and cost) required for cooling. [The conversion of water from liquid to vapor removes heat from the surrounding air at a rate of 2.2 million calories (or 563 BTU) per gallon evaporated.] The Smart AC System is hooked to an existing water faucet and to the low voltage (24 VAC) thermostat control wire of the AC unit. When the AC unit comes on, the Smart System operates two 1.8 gallon per hour foggers, introducing a fine mist of water into the air. The evaporating water cools the air passing across the AC condensing coils and shortens the run time of the AC compressor. System Components include: Automatic valve, control wire and waterproof wire connectors; Fittings to adapt to standard garden hose thread or 1MPT; Two fogging nozzles, supply tubing and fogger stakes. The Smart AC system is modular, allowing modification, and addition of more nozzles for covering a larger surface area or additional emission point locations to meet specific conditions. The Kit offers a small footprint for a neat, low visibility installation. To see more pictures or information please visit/contact Irrigation-Mart 800-SAY-RAIN