Loftek 51 Uv Ultraviolet Flashlight 395 Nm Led Handheld Blacklight Perfect Urine And Bed Bug Detector,Scorpion Hunting Light 3 Aa Battery(Not Included)

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  • Large Wavelength Range: Emits 395 nanometer wavelength

  • Efficient Inspector:Hotel room inspection, rodent contamination,,reveal hidden pet stains, fluids, scorpions, counterfeit currency, etc

  • Multifunctional: Essential tool for law enforcement, postal inspections, customs, medical forensics, HVAC repair

  • Widely Coverage: 51 powerful UV LED bulbs allow to cover a larger area

  • Long Lifespan & Warranty: 100,000+ hour bulb lifespan,requires 3 AA batteries (not included),12 months world famous warranty

  • Color : Black

Reveal the Unseen
About the LOFTEK 51 UV LED Flashlight
Discover a world you never knew existed with the LOFTEK 51 flashlight. Whether we like it or not, there are harmful things that escape the naked eye. Bodily fluid stains on hotel sheets, pet stains on the carpet, and scorpions lurking in the dark are just a few of the elements that are exposed by the LOFTEK 51. Whether on a business trip or a camping trip, it's an essential travel companion.

Potent Inspection Tool
The LOFTEK 51 boasts 51 UV LED bulbs, much more than most competing UV flashlights. More bulbs means more coverage area, allowing you to efficiently inspect your surroundings.

The LOFTEK Advantage
Like all of LOFTEK's products, the UV 51 is built to last with a rugged aluminum construction and high-quality UV LED bulbs with a lifespan of about 100,000 hours.

*Bulb Type: 390nM to 395nM
*Bulb Life: 100,000 Hours
*Body Material: Aluminum; silicone O-rings for water resistance
*Battery Require: 3xAA alkaline(Not Included)
*Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours on 3 AA batteries

1.Do not direct the eye with the UV light.
2.Do not dismantle the head unit of this flashlight.

-Full 12-Month Warranty.
-Free Lifetime Technical Support.

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