- Ge Energy Smart 100 Led C-6 Holiday/Christmas Lights - 33Ft Each String (198 Ft Total) (Indoor/Outdoor) (6)

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  • 33ft String contains 100 LED C-6 Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Green lights

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • ConstantON technology allows set to operate even if a LED is out or missing

  • Connect up to 20 sets

  • Energy Star and UL Approved

  • Color : Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green

  • Size : 33ft

Each 33ft string contains 100 LED C-9 in the colors of yellow, blue, red, white and green. You can connect up to 20 sets/strings. Each light is break-resistant, but also replaceable. The lights are cool to the touch and use 80% less electricity than traditional holiday lights.
Lights have an average 20,000 hour life and come with a 5 year guarantee.
Safe for artificial and live trees. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Green wire hides in both artificial and live trees.
Package includes spare bulbs and fuses.