Ispring Fp110X50 10 Micron 10-Inch X 2.5-Inch Sediment Filter Cartridges,

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  • Made of 100% Melt-Blown Polypropylene, 4-layer filtration

  • 2.5 DIA x 10 Length

  • 10 Micron rated

  • Fits 10 filter housings

  • NSF certified

  • Color : White

10 Micron high-quality NSF certified 10 x 2.5 Sediment filter cartridges) Product Highlights - Individually wrapped, packed in 50 pcs per carton - Removes dust, particles, and rust - Good for water filters and aquariums. Why Purchase From us - Honest seller, more than 1500 positive feedbacks on eBay - Free tech support before and after sale - Ship from Atlanta warehouse daily. Only 2-day transit time for most states in Eastern Time zone and part of Central time zone (including Texas) We also carry many other home filter systems. Please check our Amazon store for other items.