Industrial Lighting Solutions S810Rlcompuv1 Sterilight S810Rl Premium Compatible Uv Lamp For S8Qpa, S8Qpa/2 S8Q, S8Q/2 S8Qgold, Ssm37, Ssm37/2

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  • Effective hours rating: 10,000 hrs. ultraviolet germicidal light bulb

  • For 8-25 gallon per minute units

  • Used in the s8q-pa, s8q-pa/2 s8q, s8q/2 s8q-gold, s8q-gold/2 ssm-37, ssm37/2

  • 10,000 hour long life lamp

  • Length: approx.: 31.25

You are purchasing one unit of the sterilight s810rl compatible UV lamp for s8q-pa, s8q-pa/2 s8q, s8q/2 s8q-gold 10,000 hour long life lamp 6 month warranty includes free gloves for handling 40 watts UV hot cathode germicidal UV bulbs (uv-c), are low-pressure mercury arc lamps that are the most effective tool for eliminating microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, mold and yeast in the air and impurities in water. Produces uv-c (253.7 Nm wavelength) radiation (harmful to eyes and skin).