Digi-Pas Dwl2000Xy-Sw Professional Software

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  • Graphic display of the dual angle meter on PC

  • Angle data collection and plotting in single axis over time period

  • Angle data collection and plotting in dual axis over time period

  • Export of data collection into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Digi-Pas DWL2000XY-SW is the optional software for the DWL2000XY digital machinist level. The software has functionalities that allow extensive data acquisition. The software will have dual angle meter screen display allowing for the readings to be set to different measurement languages (degrees, mm/m and Inch/Feet). With the Professional software, the PC screen will be able to display both singular and dual angular charts. The software also enables user to collect data for angles over time. These data can then be exported into Microsoft excel spreadsheet for further data manipulation.