Grace Ice & Water Shield 36 X 36' Roll

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  • Easy to Handle and Apply, membrane bonds firmly to the roof deck without heat or special adhesives.

  • Dual barrier protection, provide maximum protection.

  • Foldless release paper - The foldless release paper provides multiple performance enhancements

  • Seals around nails - The rubberized asphalt layer seals around roofing nails, resisting leakage.

  • 108 square foot roll

Grace Ice & Water Shield is a premier membrane composed of two waterproofing materials - an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive backed by a layer of high density cross laminated polyethylene. The rubberized asphalt surface is backed with a foldless release paper that protects its adhesive quality. During application, the release paper is easily removed, allowing the rubberized asphalt to bond tightly to the roof deck. In addition, embedded in the membrane is a split release on demand feature called Ripcord.