Homeseer Hs-Wd100+ Z-Wave Plus Scene-Capable Wall Dimmer, Works With Amazon Alexa

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  • Provides On/Off and Dim/Brighten local and Z-Wave control

  • Supports incandescents up to 600W, CFL/LEDs up to 150W

  • Double-tap and triple-tap operation allows scene control

  • Programmable dim rate with 7-LED dim indicator

  • Z-Wave Plus certified for wide compatibility

  • Size : N/A

Enable Z-Wave On/Off/Dim control and scene control for a wired light fixture by replacing your traditional dimmer switch with the HomeSeer Wireless Z-Wave Wall Dimmer (Gen5, U.S.). This dimmer is compatible with incandescents up to 600 Watts and CFL/LEDs up to 150 Watts. Once connected to the light, the dimmer can be used to dim/brighten the light and turn it on/off locally or through Z-Wave. With Z-Wave Plus certification, this Gen5 Wall Dimmer is compatible with all major Z-Wave hubs and controllers. Featuring the central scene Z-Wave command class, this Z-Wave dimmer works as a scene controller, allowing you to trigger up to six automation events by tapping the rocker switch in various ways. Double-tap for one scene, and triple-tap for another (press and hold to dim/brighten). The Z-Wave Wall Dimmer supports single-pole or multi-pole applications, and works in conjunction with companion switches (HS-WA100+, sold separately). The switch uses screw terminal installation and requires wiring connections for Line (Hot), Load, and Neutral (with option to wire Ground). A traveler wire is required for multi-pole applications. The single-gang switch mounts in an electrical box and uses a standard-size wallplate (sold separately). KEY SPECS: Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz. Max Load: 600 watt incandescent / 150 watt LED. Derating: 3-Gang: 500 watt incandescent / 150 watt LED; 4-Gang: 400 watt incandescent / 150 watt LED. Frequency: 908.42 MHz (U.S.). Range: 100 feet (open air). Size: 1-gang. Wiring: Copper 12-14 AWG. Approvals: UL, FCC/IC, Z-Wave Plus. Warranty: 1-Year Limited. NOTE: Requires a Z-Wave network controller. Requires Line, Neutral, and Load wire connections. Wallplate not included.