Ideal Security Sk110W Patio Adjustable Door Security Bar, White

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  • $33.37
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  • Adjustable from 25.75 to 47.5

  • Swings out of the way to open

  • Visual deterrent against burglars

  • Quick & Easy Installation

  • Color : White

Add safety, security, and a visual deterrent to your sliding patio door with Ideal Securitys sliding patio door security bar. Breaking through the tempered glass of a patio door is very noisy and not easy, but forcing a door open can be a burglars easiest option. This adjustable bar is designed to be mounted in the middle of the patio door. Simply fasten the bracket at the end of the bar to your door frame, and the bar will pivot up or down so you can easily block and unblock your door, and will stay out of the way when not required. Because the bar is mounted at arm height, you wont have to bend down every time you want to open the door. Most importantly, mounting the bar in the middle of the door adds a visual deterrent, making the bar clearly visible to potential intruders who wont even bother trying. The bars are made of extruded aluminum (the same material used to in cars and airplanes) to be both lightweight and strong. They are adjustable from 25-1/2 in. to 47-1/2 in. wide and will easily fit most doors so theres no need for cutting. The inside bar slides into the outside bar when adjusting, and easy adjustability means your sliding patio door can be partially opened for ventilation and still be secured. Ideal Security has been supplying quality hardware to North American homes for over 60 years. Please explore our other security and protection products for your home.