Insteon 2244-234 Starter Kit, 1 Hub And 2 Dimmer Plugs

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  • This kit includes an Insteon Hub and two dimmer modules - the hub allows you to control the two modules from your iOS, Android or Windows device

  • Automate lights to gently fade on your bedside lamp in the mornings and then automatically turn it off after you've left for work.

  • Insteon Hub expands to control thermostats (compatible with Insteon and Nest Learning Thermostats), light bulbs, ceiling fans, pool pumps (Not compatible with Apple HomeKit)

  • Insteon Hub allows control of your entire Insteon network from a smartphone or tablet

Everything you need to to create peace of mind. Just connect the Insteon Hub to your existing home router and start adding devices. This kit includes the Insteon Hub and two dimmers modules which allow you to remotely control one or more lights, and create schedules