Ipolex For Cisco Glc-T,1000Base-T Sfp, Gigabit Sfp Rj45 Copper Transceiver (Cat5E Cable, 100-Meter)

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  • 1.25Gb/s, RJ45 connector, up to 100-meter with CAT5e copper cable. No DDM.

  • 100% compatible for Cisco GLC-T. Each transceiver is individually tested on Cisco Network equipments, walks through the testing challenges and make sure 100% compatible.

  • SFP-T transceiver, 1.25Gb/s copper SFP, 1000Base-T SFP, RJ45 SFP for Cisco.

  • IEEE 802.3ab compliant and 0C up to 70C.

  • Warranty: 3 years. Provide Lifelong Technology Support. Money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  • Color : For Cisco

  • Size : 1.25G-T:100M

Compatible for Cisco GLC-T/ SFP-GE-T transceiver
1000BASE-T SFP transceiver module for Category 5e copper wire, RJ-45 connector.
Data Rate: 1.25Gb/s
Reach: 100m
Fiber Type: CAT5e
Temp Range(C): 0C~70C

Catalyst Express 500
Metro Ethernet
Catalyst 35XX Switches
Catalyst 36XX Switches
Catalyst 37XX Switches
Catalyst 38XX Switches
Industrial Ethernet and Smart Grid
Catalyst 4500/4500X/4900 Switches
Catalyst 6500/6800 Series Switches
Data Center and Blade Switching
Wireless LAN Controller

Quality Control:
All modules are fully compliant with MSA standard. All modules also meet the most important standards and norms for electronic products. The continuous control of product quality before, during and after the manufacturing process is the top priority. Each produced batch is scheduled with standardized quality assurance procedures and the production process is constantly monitored and supervised.

Test Procedures for Optical Transceivers:
Laser and photodiode test before environment chamber
48 hours environment chamber reliable sample test
Laser and photodiode test after environment chamber
Compatibility & application test
Final test: Transfer on real fiber

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