Iris Smart Hub

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  • Manage your smart home from your smart phone. The Iris hub connects you to your home by allowing your smart devices to be managed in a single app

  • Turn devices on and off, remotely control thermostats, stream live video feeds and more

  • Stay connected with your home while you're away by receiving notifications of unusual activity

  • Use customized scenes and rules to help automate everyday tasks

  • Choose from over 70 devices from trusted brands that work with Iris to customize your smart home experience. Look for the Works with Iris logo on your favorite smart devices

  • Manage and monitor your smart devices through Iris App on your Smartphone

  • Visit for information and support

  • Iris requires broadband internet, iOS 8.0+ on an iPhone5 or later or Android 4.1+

Iris Smart Hub is the heart of the Iris network, keeping you in touch with connected devices in your home. By connecting your array of Iris compatible smart products you can access and control them all from the Iris app. Control temperature, locks, lights and more from your favorite brands right from your mobile device, simplifying your life and making it easier to achieve peace of mind. Premium service may be required for some features.