Irwin Tools Unibit #4 3/16-Inch To 7/8-Inch Step-Drill Bit, 3/8-Inch Shank (10234)

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  • This product is easy to use.

  • This product is highly durable

  • This product is manufactured in United States.

  • Step drill that produces true, round holes

  • Non-skid tip means no need for center punches

  • 3 flatted shanks prevent drill chuck slipping

  • Made from durable heat-treated molybdenum steel

  • Full lifetime warranty

  • Color : Silver

  • Size : #4 (3/16-7/8")

Irwin 10234 Unibit #4 12-Step High Speed Steel 3/8-inch Step Drill Bit, 1/16-inch Steps (3/16- to 7/8-inch) Save time by eliminating the need to change drills when drilling round holes in thin materials. Each smaller size drill also acts as a pilot for the next size. Made from industrial-grade high-speed molybdenum steel heat treated for maximum durability. Ideal for drilling holes into thin materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic and laminates. SpeedPoint tip penetrates faster than previous Unibits and prevents walking. Non-skid tip does away with the need for center punches; 3-faltted hex shank prevents slipping in drill chuck. Drill diameters etched in flute for easy identification. Backed by a full lifetime warranty.