Keepons Comfort Black Thread-On Temple Tip Sleeve Prevent Eyeglass Slipping Anti Slip Anti Slide Eyewear Sunglasses Spectacle Glasses Temple Tip Sports Ear Hook Sleeve Retainer

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  • For small size eyeglass frames with narrow temple tips.

  • See below for precise sizing instructions.

  • World famous Keepons stops eyeglass slipping.

  • Price is for 2 pairs of Keepons Comfort Black.

Size-wise, all Keepons can be classified into the following 3 categories: SMALL size eyeglass frames with narrow temple tips consider buying the following styles: ministretch black, ministretch white, aerostretch black, aerostretch white, comfort black, comfort clear, original black, original clear, lite black, lite clear, fin black, fin clear, fin white, ergo black, superior clear. MEDIUM size eyeglass frames with medium thick temple tips consider buying the following styles: superior black, superior white, ministretch black, ministretch white, zen clear, deluxe black, deluxe clear, deluxe clear mid, gill black, gill white, ergo clear. LARGE size eyeglass frames with thick temple tips consider buying the following styles: superstretch black, superstretch white, primestretch black, primestretch white. FOR MORE EXACT SIZING, PLEASE CONSULT OUR KEEPONS FITTING GUIDE. This document is usually located in the photos section and can also be found here (click on the HELP tab in the middle of the page): What's more, we'd be happy to make suggestions on which Keepons are right for your particular eyeglasses, feel free to contact us using the ways outlined here: What's more the latest version of the guide can be found directly on our official website. Technical Specs - Usage: prevent eyeglass slipping, Model name: comfort black, Color: black, Material: stretchy rubber, Unstretched hole diameter: 2mm (5/64in), Stretched hole diameter: 6mm (~15/64in), If difficult to get on your glasses, please heat for 30 seconds with hot water to loosen. Also use lubricant like hand cream to thread on your glasses.