Knee Armor Professional Heavy Duty Knee Pads For Work With Gel Cushions, Eva Foam, Adjustable Straps. Superb Knee Protection For Tasks That Require A Lot Of Kneeling.

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Great for persons whose job requires a lot of kneeling like merchandizers, cleaners, construction workers, carpenters, brick layers, carpet installers, gardeners, tile and floor installers, landscapers, auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, miners and railroad workers and janitors.

  • DURABLE - High quality polyester mesh double stitched with nylon thread ensures long lasting durability and versatility for even the most rigorous, heavy duty jobs that require the most out of your knees.

  • NON-SLIP & SCRATCH RESISTANT - Our intelligently designed scratch resistant, heavy duty PVC caps prevent slips, skids and slides and at the same time won't damage your surfaces.

  • ADJUSTABLE - Easily adjustable elastic and neoprene straps ensure that your knee pads stay secure on your knees at all times and won't fall down or twist while in use.

  • COMFORTABLE - Durable EVA Foam under a layer of gel padding contours to the shape of your knees to provide a secure fit while at the same time ensuring long lasting comfort and stability that will last as long as the task at hand requires.

  • Color : Black

  • Size : Fits All

Knee Armor Professional Knee Pads are the perfect solution for:

Construction Workers, Carpenters, Contractors and builders, or those doing DIY woodworking and construction

Cleaners who kneel while they are cleaning the floor

Bricklayers or professional builders doing masonry, stonework, or laying brick

Carpet, Tile & Floor Installers installing any type of flooring, carpet or tile

Gardeners & Landscapers who spend a lot of time doing yard work, pulling weeds, planting flowers and other tasks

Supermarket Shelf Stockers and Merchandisers who kneel for long periods in order to arrange and restock shelves

Auto Mechanics who are often kneeling on a hard concrete surface while they are fixing cars

Plumbers, Electricians & Maintenance workers who spend time kneeling on hard floors & crawling into small spaces

Miners & Railroad Workers

Great on a wide variety of surfaces

From hardwood floors, tile, wood, carpet, brick, gravel, dirt and rocks; Knee Armor Professional Knee pads will keep your knee protected without damaging your surfaces.

Helps prevent injury and provide pain relief associated with kneeling

Knees are the joints in our body that hold most of our weight, making them highly prone to injury. Extended kneeling can cause pain or damage to the meniscus, bones, bursa, ligaments and tendons.

Knee Armor Professional Knee pads can help to prevent or releave pain and injury to the knees associated with kneeling. Injuries including:

Knee bursitis aka Housemaids Knee

Degenerative joint disease aka wear and tear arthritis (Osteoarthritis)

Torn meniscuses from forceful twists or turns while moving when the knee is bent

Bone chips caused by an injury to the bones of the knee joint.