Kreg Sml-C250-125 2-1/2 Coarse Thread Number 8 Washer Head Zinc Coated Pocket Hole Screws (125 Count)

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  • Self-tapping tip

  • Case hardened Steel

  • Square drive

  • Flat-bottom head

  • Smooth shank

Kreg zinc screws are a good choice for a wide variety of indoor projects with limited exposure to the elements. Zinc screws provide adequate rust protection and serve as an affordable alternative to our more protective blue-kote and stainless screw varieties. At first glance, a Kreg screw might not look much different from other wood screws. But don't be fooled: there's a lot of serious engineering built into them. Compare a Kreg screw to an ordinary wood screw or a drywall screw (which many use as a general-purpose screw for building) and you can see that the Kreg screw has unique features that those other screws don't. Every one of those features is there to ensure that you get the best results possible.