Krex Graphite Super Lubricant Oiler

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  • Provides the best heat-resistent lubrication available!

  • Krex Graphite is suspended in 100% pure petroleum oil

  • Great for automotive & power tool applications (hinges, mowers, chain saws, garden tools, and more)

  • Great for sporting goods applications (bicycle chains, fishing reels, and more)

  • Great for household applications (hinges, locks, appliances, ironing boards, sliding doors and more)

  • Color : Black

  • Size : pocket size

Providing the world's best engine lubricant for over 65 years, Krex Graphite Super Lubricant pen now enables lubrication all of your automotive, power tool, sporting goods and household applications. The .5 fl oz. tube is easy-to-use. Nozzle tip makes lubricating small, and difficult-to-reach areas easy. Compact size easily fits in pocket, tool box, tackle box, or glove compartment. Caution: Product is black and will stain material.