Large Machine Cover Htc Ts-9072 Heavy Duty, Breathable Tool Cover That Protects Your Valuable Tools

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  • PROTECTS YOUR WOODWORKING TOOLS AND MACHINES - Durable and breathable, this tool cover / machine cover will protect your valuable tools from dust, dirt, and moisture.

  • BREATHABILITY PREVENTS RUST - This HTC tool cover is breathable cotton sheeting with a high-tech plastisol coating, so no condensation develops (unlike tarps and similar, which encourage condensation and lead to rust.)

  • GENEROUSLY SIZED - 56x72 in size means it'll cover just about all of your machines.

  • SEWN IN MAGNETS - Each corner has a sewn-in rubberized magnet, meaning your tool cover will stay put without marring your machines.

  • GREAT FOR TOOLS, MACHINES, AND OTHER USES - It's great for tools like saws, planers, sanders, drill presses, lathes, and more, but it has plenty of other uses too. Cover and protect toys, grills, wood piles, patio furniture, and more.

  • Size : 56/72 - inch

Dont let protecting your valuable tools be an afterthought. Get this HTC Machine Cover / Tool Cover, and never worry about your tools and machines again. Made tough, with breathable cotton sheeting and a high-tech plastisol coating, this cover will protect your machines from dirt, dust, and moisture. Plus, they are breathable, meaning, unlike tarps, no condensation develops. This is extremely important (and often overlooked) when it comes to covering your machines. Rounding out the features are a generous size of 56x72, and rubberized magnets sewn into the corners, making this machine cover hold fast. Its also great for anywhere you need a cover kids outdoor toys, patio furniture, bbq grills, wood piles, lawn tools, and much more. Pick up a few for all of your protecting needs.