Lenox Tools Bi-Metal Speed Slot Arbored Hole Saw With T3 Technology, 1-1/8-Inch

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  • 2X more durable with 50% longer life than previous LENOX hole saws

  • Increased wall thickness improves durability and minimizes tooth loss

  • Optimized tooth design penetrates metal with ease

  • Larger, sharper teeth for faster cutting

  • SPEED SLOT staircase design for easy plug ejection

The LENOX Tools Bi-Metal Speed Slot Arbored Hole Saw with T3, 1-1/8-29mm, has enhanced tooth geometry that cuts 50% faster than previous LENOX hole saws. Twice as durable as our previous generation when cutting through metal, this bi-metal hole saw with a standard arbor features thicker walls to minimize tooth loss and improve durability. A staircase SPEED SLOT has a wide slot placed low on the hole saw and multiple leverage points to make it easy to work plugs out with a screwdriver. This design effectively removes sawdust and chips and helps prevent plugs from becoming stuck in the saw. 10% taller than previous models, it delivers cleaner cuts through two-by lumber.