Leviton 16793 20-Amp, 120-Volt, Grounded, Compact Automatic Reset Right Angle Gfci, Rohs Compliant, Black

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  • Rainproof, outdoor rated GFCI module

  • Fully complies with NEC and OSHA regulations for construction sites

  • Automatically resets to ON when plugged in or after power interruption

  • Power Indicator lamp goes OFF if GFCI trips, power is interrupted or the GFCI is unplugged

  • Open-Neutral protection immediately trips the GFCI if the neutral conductor on the line side is opened, eliminating the possibility of the GFCI having a live hot leg

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 20 Amp

20-Amp, 120-Volt, Compact Automatic Reset Right Angle GFCI, grounded, accomodates UL / CSA cord types SJTW, SJOW, SJTOOW, SJTOW, SJEOW, STW, STOW, & STOOW, RoHS Compliant - Black, UPC: 07847745771