Pink Tool Belt For Women. Keep Your Gardening And Home Improvement Tools Within Hands Reach. Ladies Stylish Belt W/ Pouches Carry Your Cleaning Supplies W/ You. Use It For Leisure Or Take It To Work

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  • A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE. So many pockets for everything! No more going back and forth for your tools, no more forgetting tools on the ground because you had to reached for another one. You've heard the statement, There's and app for that ? Well, with this belt whatever your tools maybe be, chances are that there's a pouch for that. Need a hammer? There's a loop for that. Forget your apron, get the sturdy toolbelt that practically serves as a toolbag, toolbox.

  • IMPROMPTU WEEDING OR TRIMMING IS NOW EASY! Since you've packed everything into your tool belt before you hit the garden, you will be prepared for anything the job calls for. The color is awesome because you can always find it where ever you set it down in the garden. You can fit you pruning shears, hori hori knife, small knife, string, a small baggie of plant start, a small bottle of brush killer, hand saw, wire cutters, pliers, and more. You love your time in the garden, get yours now.

  • IT'S NICE TO HAVE A LITTLE FEMININE FLARE ON THE JOB SITE. As far as utility belts go, this is downright FASHIONABLE! No worrying about your husband or any of the boys you work with accidentally taking your tool belt. YEAH...that's your pink tool belt..Then move onto your favorite part. That moment when you step back, place your hands on your hips, take a deep and release that sigh with a smile knowing you did a great job. Adding this pink tool belt to your cart gets you there faster!

  • NO MORE CLIMBING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS OR A LADDER FOR THE TOOLS OR SCREWS. That's just a waste of time. You know the feeling, you need something and you can picture right where you left it. UGH! Now you have to stop what you are doing, lose you place and walk downstairs, the garage, or the next room to get it. There is nothing better than the feeling of just sliding your hands into one of the many pockets within reach, pull out what you need and finishing that job. Buys Yours Today!

  • SAVE HOURS IN YOUR CLEANING BUSINESS! You Could put several small cleaning spray bottles, dust wands, air fresheners, furniture polish, foam soap bottles, cleaning cloths, your keys and cell phone, how convenient is that! Begin to imagine how much easier your job just got because you just purchased the perfect multipurpose, working storage caddy belt. It is absolutely perfect for your cleaning needs. Convenience around your waist is just an add to cart click away. Add it now


So many people are calling this belt the answer to their profession regardless of industry. Professional dog groomers now stylishly carry their grooming supplies. It fits everything and is perfect for mobile grooming visits. Vintage sewing machine repair shop owners, florists, artists, hair stylists, and home health nurses to name a just a few have had their jobs and lives made easier because of the convenience that comes with using the right girls tool belt. Make up artists are calling this belt a women's essential. Why? Because from Gardens, to tools, to shears, to brushes, it holds a ladies essentials.

Great For:


  • 2 METAL hooks on EACH side for Hammer or Tools
  • 2 BIG Side Pockets on each side (LEFT AND RIGHT)
  • 1 BIG Middle Pocket for Measuring Tape or Other Item
  • EASY On and OFF Clip with a push of a CLICK

This will be the BEST Pink tool Belt you will ever need!